PureVista Chlorine Dioxide Generation System PureVista is the most efficient and cost-effective chlorine dioxide tool on the market. It is the first and only product to create pure chlorine dioxide gas on-site, making it easy to use for routine or emergency treatments.

PureVista is a portable, water-activated, disinfection system that has the power to clean surfaces and facility air with unmatched effectiveness, leaving no residue or post-treatment cleanup requirement. PureVista chlorine dioxide generation system creates pure chlorine dioxide gas on-site making it perfect for routine or emergency cleaning. PureVista is inexpensive and can be scaled to the specifications of any facility to deliver an effective dosage with no capital investment needed.



Target PPM / Cu. Ft.
Bacteria & Mold

Target PPM / Cu. Ft.*
Lipid Encapsulated Viruses

12.5 g

30/ 500

3/ 5000

25 g

30/ 1000

3/ 10,000

50 g

30/ 2000

3/ 20,000

100 g

30/ 4000

3/ 40,000

The calculation is done based on cu ft of air space per Air Handler Zone. The gas is delivered by placing the PureVista canister(s) under the air handler or air handler return air grill. Make sure to switch the AC FAN=ON and not on AUTO.

*3 ppm is at least 10x the minimum amount of gas documented to kill lipid encapsulated respiratory viruses based on multiple Peer Reviewed scientific studies.

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