Coronavirus Decon Training

Insurable Coronavirus Decontamination Webinar


NEW 2-2.5 hour live training webinar with Q&A. Now includes Post-Decon Evaluation training. Cost=$150 for training only; or $250 for training with Certification Exam. See below for certification requirements*.

Now Insurable by American Risk Management Resources

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* Certification Requirements:
    • Take our 2-2.5 hour live webinar training
    • Pass our 50 question online exam; and
    • In Florida: State issued Mold Remediator license or Pesticide Applicator license; or CIH
    • Outside of Florida: State issued Mold Remediator or Pesticide license; or CIH; or one of these certifications:
      –  CIEC / CIE / CMR / AMRT
  • Part I: Commercial, Hospital Grade Biocides. Which ones work to kill Coronavirus. Which ones leave a toxic chemical residue (not Green, Chemical-Free) and are not suitable for residential or office application..
  • Part IIGreen-Chemical Free Disinfectants that do not leave a toxic residue and are EPA/CDC approved to be 100% effective against Coronavirus and save $$.
  • Part IIICrew Safety. Respiratory protection. What works and what does not work.
  • Part IVProcedures for providing a Coronavirus-free warranty/guarantee… Suitable for Environmental Insurance for Coronavirus.
  • Part VTesting methods that prove 100% Coronavirus Decontamination as required to obtain Environmental Insurance for Coronavirus.
  • Part VI: Example Warranty language. Example “Right to Know” docs

Optional Certification* by National Association of Environmentally Responsible Mold Contractors (NAERMC). Note that NAERMC is a State of Florida approved Mold Assessor/Remediator Exam and Training provider. However, there is no State or Federal certification available for COVID-19 Decontamination / Sanitization at this time.

Click here for a list of available dates and online signups.

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